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Hello Revolution Nation!

Effective June 1st 2020

As I mentioned at the beginning of this year,  I would be providing direction in May regarding the future of the  Revolution.  Currently, we have not been meeting in the building due to Covid-19 and our need to stay safe and quarantine.  Prior to that, we were meeting in the building for worship, through broadcast from New Life Chicago and as TRIBES. While it feels like it was long ago, it has been approximately two months since we were last in the building. During this time of 100% virtual engagement, we have still found creative ways to worship, celebrate, pray and grow together. 


Understand, since the first day of this Movement, my wife and I have focused on making sure that the Revolution was an altar, where we would bring the best of ourselves and offer it as a Sacrifice unto God, for the sake of the Kingdom and to His Glory.


As many of you recall AmplifyGR is making an investment in the revitalization of Boston Square. To that end, the building that we have occupied is now slated to be renovated in order to serve as a community center. As with any renovation, sometimes current tenants must vacate for the renovation to be completed. Such is the case for us, and we have agreed to vacate the building by this summer.


While The Revolution has always been digitally engaged, the decision has been made that we will no longer be gathering together as The Revolution – physically or virtually.


Consequently, RCM or New Life Revolution will officially come to an end as of May 31, 2020.   While this may be difficult to hear, my wife and I believe this is the right decision for everyone. 


So what does this mean for you? 


There are two options: Join New Life Church Chicago and participate as a virtual member or be released to seek another church. Everyone will receive an official letter, along with an FAQ document. 


Again, this was a difficult decision, but it is one that we have prayed about, wrestled with and discussed with wise counsel.  Over the next 10 days we ask that you join in prayer with us and our Revolution Nation, as we all begin to transition collectively and personally.


While we will not be returning to meet physically in a building, this does not mean that the relationships that have been formed need to stop. Although Tribes will not continue as an organized Ministry engagement, in keeping with the book of Acts, they can continue through authentic relationships and fellowship.  


In the coming weeks, as we are allowed, the building will be cleared.  Equipment and furniture will either be going to New Life Chicago, sold or given away to bless other ministries in the city.  Should you have left anything personal in the building, you will be contacted for an opportunity to pick it up.


So again, what does this mean for you and your family?  I would love for you to join New Life Chicago, physically for those who choose to move to Chicago or virtually. We are building platforms that will allow your virtual participation in and LIVE Ministry engagement.

To join you will need to Text NewLifeRev to 313131.


However, for those who desire a local church home for you and your family, please take the time to examine the churches in GR, and find a Ministry that best meets the Spiritual needs of you and your family. There are some dynamic ministries and pastors here in Grand Rapids to call home.  


As far as a the timeline, there will be a team working to clean out the building. 

If you are interested in participating please contact Jerry White.  Electronic giving for The Revolution will end May 31.  


On May 31st (Pentecost Sunday), we will meet again.  First we will have a drive by at the church at 5pm.  This is so that my wife and myself can greet those who would like to drive through the parking lot at the building. At 8pm, we will meet on line for a virtual bonfire.  For those of you who recall our Advance Gatherings, we would gather around a bonfire to write down things that we were leaving behind to create closure.  


While we want to take our memories with us, we will need to have a level of closure.  This experience will provide the opportunity for us to receive that closure. 


So what are the next steps?  You will be contacted in the next month or so regarding your end of the year financial statements. The last day you can give to The Revolution is May 31st but you can continue to give to New Life Chicago.  


As mentioned previously, if you are interested in helping with the building clean up and out, please contact Jerry White. If he has need for help, he will let you know. 


As a reminder, Social Distancing must be maintained as long as we have an Executive Order to do so.  Please take time to discuss your future worship with your family and your tribe.  This is an important decision and one that you should not rush to judgement.  Most importantly, the next step is to Pray. Pray for your Revolution family, pray for wisdom in your decisions, pray for all of our health and safety, pray for us as we make this transition. Through all of this, if you have questions, you can email [email protected]


The last thing, I want to do here is to share some appreciation and love….. I greatly appreciate and I’m eternally grateful for all of the partners, SERVE Team, paid Staff, Implementation Team, Leadership and Pastoral Team. I want to acknowledge the first 30 that helped to start this movement and who will forever be considered a part of the Revolution. Also, I want to celebrate everyone who has been apart of the Revolution, you are forever in the fabric of this movement and every moment has created a memory that will last a lifetime.


We will forever celebrate ALL of the wonderful things God has done for the Revolution and will continue to do in your lives. September 17 will always be Revolution Day for Life. The Revolution has gone Global and the mission for each of us to carry for rest of our lives is to remain a Movement that magnifies God through mobilizing people for maximum results. 


Thank you and we Love you all!

Sincerely, Dr Jermone Glenn, Pastor Erica Glenn and Family

Frequently asked questions


This the permanent next step of the ministry

No, we will not be seeking another location after departing from the center

As mentioned, a moving plan is underway and being overseen by Jerry White

All items will be given away to other ministries, sold or taken to Chicago to continue in ministry


As of June 1 you can give your tithes to whichever church you desire.  Whether that be New Life or another ministry, you should give to your church home.  Should you wish to continue to sow directly into the ministry of pastor Jermone Glenn and Pastor Erica Glenn, you may do so as well.

The oversight for the financial dispersement process will be facilitated by the financial advisory board.

Ministry Teams

No, none of our existing ministry functions will continue organizationally.  You are welcome to continue to build on any principles or relationships formed as a result of being apart of this ministry.

No, but if you would like to serve with Mel Trotter when they re-open, please continue to do so individually.

No, we will not mobilize any out reach organizationally, but invite to you to serve in outreach individually as you were encouraged to do as apart of this ministry.

The Revolution accounts will remain visible to preserve our history

You may visit them at any time:






As of May 31, all official communication will cease. Should you wish to stay in touch with updates from Dr. Glenn, you may text JGNOW to 80123

Individually or collectively as you were taught

Yes.  Marriage Mondays and Selah Saturday are an extension of pastor Jermone and Pastor Erica’s personal ministry and will continue as they have on their personal social media platforms.

New Life Church Southeast / Membership / Leadership

As of now, they are not open, but we do not know what the future holds

Yes. You will forever be in the fabric of this movement.

You are invited to join another ministry as the Lord leads you.

We continue to recommend the private practices of

as referred professional counselors.

If you chose, or if you are apart of New Life Church, Yes.  Should you request Dr. Glenn for a major life event (I.E. weddings, funerals ect.) you may contact him for booking at [email protected].

You may text keyword NewLifeRev to 313131 and complete the following form created especially for partners migrating from The Revolution to New Life.

Connect with Dr. Jermone Glenn

Become a Partner at New Life